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Pruning And Trimming

Pruned and Trimmed Oak Trees - Image by Ian Wagg

Pruning & trimming is periodically required on all woody landscape plants. Removing dead, damaged, diseased branches from your trees and old palm fronds from your palm trees can help prevent future problems with insects, tree fungus and various diseases.


In addition to increasing your home's value, pruning and trimming fruit trees, palm trees and both younger and older trees will all benefit greatly from periodic pruning and trimming.  The result; healthier, stronger trees, sweeter fruit, more beautiful blossoms and an even, controlled canopy growth.


Our licensed and insured expert Arborist can provide you with all your tree pruning & trimming needs. 

A Happy Healthy Tree is a Pruned and Trimmed Tree!

Call Anthony's Tree and Stump Grinding Service (727) 254-0338 for your Free quote.

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